H&R Block Pro Cycling Athletes discussing Off-Season Training from Oxnard, California.

H&R Block Pro Cycling Athletes discussing Off-Season Training from Oxnard, California.

Off-Season Training in Southern California

(This post is brought to you by Joel Taylor of the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)

In the off season many riders from Canada head down south to California to escape the cold and rain, making the required miles a little bit easier to get in. This year, Chris and myself headed down to Oxnard, CA. With excellent weather and many riding routes it is the go to place for many Canadians and professional teams. Excited and motivated by new teammates, revamped Norco Tactics, shinny new Shimano parts and flashy Pearl Izumi kit our preparation has been going very well. Between the races and training, Chris is keeping busy with his studies and I’m improving my cooking skills.

Last weekend we headed down to the UCLA Road Race to test the fitness. The race consisted of six laps around a brutal circuit. The circuit included 11km of climbing followed by 9km downhill. The field was made up of of many other top level continental teams including Rally Pro Cycling, Silber, Axeon and Hincapie. Chris had the opportunity to try the Shimano C35 wheels and proved they worked going uphill. He had a fantastic ride making the tough selections on the climbs and finishing in 6th place.

Check out Chris Prendergast’s Strava File here

Looking forward to the weeks to come we will be continuing to train in Oxnard until the end of the month when Chris will head to the Chico Stage Race for the first major race of the season. I will head back to my home town of Victoria, BC to continue preparations for some objectives later in the season. Thanks to all the sponsors and partners of H&R Block Pro Cycling Team, without them we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our dreams and Goals.