Norco Bicycles: Seven Years Of Support

Vancouver, BC – H&R Block Pro Cycling Team thanks Norco Bicycles for their 7-years of support.

The team would like to thank Norco Bicycles, an international brand and a Canadian owned business, for their support of the program since 2010. Norco has been involved in supporting Canadian road teams for more than 20-years. The team was very grateful for the partnership because it aligned with a Canadian company that supported the vision of creating a Canadian road cycling team that developed Canadian riders.

Last Spring, Norco Bicycles informed the team that they made a decision to focus all of their marketing efforts toward their world class off-road program. This is a natural and understandable move for a company in their position. Norco was a fantastic partner and will be greatly missed as it was apparent that this was not an easy decision for them.

This was a longterm relationship where Norco was part of the team’s evolution as an amateur program to a UCI Continental Team. “The partnership over all these years was more than just a sponsorship deal, the team felt that they were part of the Norco family”, said Mark Ernsting, Team Owner.

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The team looks forward to continuing its relationship with Live to Play Sports, the parent company that owns Norco Bicycles. The team wants to deeply thank Norco Bicycles for everything they have done for the M1 Project, the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team, the riders and how they looked after everyone throughout this partnership. “On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I would like to personally thank; Pete Stace-Smith, whom initiated the partnership in 2010; Chris Cook (Marketing Manager) for being instrumental in having Norco grow with the team as it evolved to a UCI team; Jonathan Duncan (Team Manager) for being the team’s direct point of contact for all the team needs; Logan Johns (Senior Product Manager) for his incredible work engineering and designing the bikes; and Skip Swain (VP Sales & Marketing) for his leadership in the company throughout all of Norco’s support in the sport”, said Ernsting.

In the upcoming weeks, the team will announce the team’s 2018 frame partner.

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