New season, New nutrition

(This post is brought to you by Conor O’Brien of the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)

Cycling is all about marginal gains, tweaking every last detail to get the most return. Coming into a new season, the winter is a great time for racers to try something new without the risk of disaster right before a race. One thing I had always been negligent about in my diet was making sure I got enough protein. The old-school mentality tells us all we need for the perfect diet is as much pasta and oatmeal as you can stomach and big days and as little as possible on easy days.

When I got the news that we would have Muscle MLK as a sponsor, I decided that I was going to leverage that to have the best diet I could. On an easy day, a scoop of the vanilla powder mixed into my oats in the morning keeps me fueled all day long and leaves me craving less snacks later in the day. After a long ride, the chocolate flavour mixed with some coconut milk is a damn refreshing drink. During a hard training block or a long stage race, it can be a challenge to just stay on top of your calories and make sure you’re taking in enough to recover, Muscle MLK has been a huge boost in my ability to handle repeated long days.

Photo Credit: Stirl and Rae

Photo Credit: Stirl and Rae

I can’t tell you that since I’ve started drinking Muscle MLK that I’ve leaned out and do 1000 push ups a day, but I can say it has made a significant difference in my ability to handle long days and stay on top of my caloric intake.

I look forward to testing it out this coming weekend in our first official stage race of the season at the Joe Martin Stage Race.