M1 Pro Cycling is the managing company behind the M1 Project that is dedicated to establishing Canada’s most comprehensive road cycling platform. A platform that brings Canada’s most talented and influential leaders in sport and business together to create the ultimate structure that will ensure the program will be sustainable in every respect for current and future generations.

Mark’s diverse background will provide the expertise required in establishing Canada’s most prominent professional cycling program. His goal is to provide a platform that will allow every aspiring Canadian cyclist the chance to race at the highest level on the international stage. With over 20-years of cycling specific experience; competing internationally for Team Canada, as well as owning and operating a successful sports management business, M1 Sports Management, that specializes in cycling properties, it’s assured that Mark will bring the right mix of individuals together that will work as a team, resulting in winning performances.

“I want to aspire Canadians to – Join the Team – whether it’s a sponsor that will benefit from the marketing opportunities that the program will provide, an athlete who wants to one day compete in the biggest races in the world, or the person who enjoys the sport recreationally and wants to support the team as a fan”.

Mark Ernsting
Joyce Chiang
Team Logistics

Joyce’s has an extensive background in athlete logistics with IOC recognized national sports federations. This brings tremendous value to the M1 Project as she oversees the team’s travel, race registration and accommodation logistics.

“Becoming a part of the new M1 team is an opportunity that excites me as an athlete, a fan of the sport and a Canadian. I love sport, I believe in what it can do to inspire, motivate and energize a nation. It is a sport that is able to inspire and move people on a level that no other sport can through our cities, towns and countryside as it’s “playing field”. We watch our heroes in front of us, competing on the very roads we commute, train, or racing on. I see huge potential in Canadian cycling. Cycling is one of our countries fastest growing recreational sports and M1 has a unique opportunity to be both a pioneer in developing Canadian cycling at a grassroots level and to launch Canadian cycling onto a global stage.”