M1 Project

The M1 Project has been established to be a platform for male and female Canadian road cyclists to excel in the sport by providing them teams that will allow them to progress from an entry point to the highest level in the sport.

The goal is to bring everyone in Canada under one umbrella, streamlining communications between Clubs, Provincial Associations, Corporations and the Public Sector. This will result in a coordinated and unified effort between everyone to accomplish the projects current and future goals.

Our Commitment

  • It Starts With A Vision
    The M1 Project is bringing a nation together to accomplish a unified vision. Photo Credit: Heinz Ruckemann
  • With Your Support
    We can accomplish amazing results. Photo Credit: Heinz Ruckemann
  • Join The Team
    Be a part of our athletes winning on the international stage.


  • To develop cycling champions.
  • To provide marketing partners with a premium sponsorship platform.
  • To be a leader in sports entertainment through the use of video technology.
  • To be a leader in sports environmental sustainability.


  • To be recognized as Canada’s leading cycling platform for both men and women.
  • To establish a Men’s and Women’s U19 amateur team, Men’s UCI Continental Team, Men’s UCI Pro Continental Team and Women’s UCI Team.
  • To communicate and work with all Clubs, Provincial Associations and Cycling Canada to accomplish the project goals.


  • To create an environment that promotes honesty among staff, athletes and sponsors.
  • To promote and support ethical sport practices.
  • To create a sustainable sports strategy.

Become Involved

To experience the thrill of the sport, we at M1 Pro Cycling encourage you to contact us to discuss how your organization can become involved. Our sponsorship team is ready to work with your marketing department to design and implement a complimentary strategy that will deliver your message to your customers.