Dr. Jack Taunton Inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame

September 26, 2014 — M1 Pro Cycling’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Jack Taunton, has been inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum for his lifetime of athletic participation and achievements in the field of Sports Medicine.

On behalf of the M1 Pro Cycling project Advisory Board and Staff, we congratulate Dr. Taunton for his induction into the BC Sports Hall of Fame and are proud of having him on the team as our Medical Advisor.

The announcement of Dr. Taunton’s induction describes some of his many achievements:

“In addition to co-­‐founding SportMedBC (the provincial network of more than 600 sport & exercise medicine practitioners and professionals in British Columbia) and the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Taunton worked with Vancouver’s Dr. Doug Clement – a long-­‐time friend, colleague and fellow builder who is another of the more than 350 individuals inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame – to create the Vancouver Sun Run and the Vancouver Marathon.”

For more information about the Dr. Jack Taunton and his induction, click here.

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Official Press Release:  M1 Pro Cycling Dr. Jack Taunton BC Sports Hall of Fame